To secure your place at Wedding & Event Expo payment must be made within 14 days of acceptance.
All exhibitors must have their own public liability insurance for the event for at least $10,000,000.
No exhibitors will be allowed to trade at the venue without proof of current cover being supplied to the venue Manger, in the form of a current Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance noting the interest of Wedding & Event Expo.

Wedding & Event Expo will not be liable for anything they may do or omit to do in the event of any loss or damage to any vehicle, property or goods, or death or injury to any person however caused.
Wedding & Event Expo will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to performers or stall holders displays, instruments, music equipment, goods and various other props.
Wedding & Event Expo will not accept responsibility for expenses arising from theft and damage of goods whilst within the confines of the venue, exhibitor lounge and grounds.
Wedding & Event Expo will not accept responsibility for any injury caused by the exhibitors’ negligence.
Wedding & Event Expo is not responsible for sales and lack there of at the event.
Wedding & Event Expo is not responsible for any government restrictions at the time of the event.
Wedding & Event Expo reserves the right to reduce the event hours due to excessive weather or any other safety concerns to Wedding & Event Expo Staff, exhibitors or Visitors.
Exclusivity will NOT be guaranteed to any category or Exhibitor.
Wedding & Event Expo has the final decision in relation to accepting this Booking
Exhibitors must not directly or indirectly promote another business that is not participating in the Expo whether it be verbal, print or electronic.
Wedding & Event Expo has the right to cancel an exhibitor’s stand prior to each event if required.
The organisers shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever for damages to exhibit by loss, damage, fire, water, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever.

A Non-Refundable 50% booking fee is payable within 14 days of your acceptance form being emailed
The balance is due 60 days prior to the event or within 14 days of invoice being received.
Cancellations: From time of booking a 100% Cancellation Fee applies to all booking fees made.
Please note – cancellations will only be accepted via email to accounts@weddingandeventexpos.com.au.
No transfers to other Expos apply.
By ticking and submitting the Contract, you have agreed to complete all payments by the due dates or as agreed with the organisers.
If after several attempts by Wedding and Event Expos to contact you to collect the amount owed and no commitment of payment is received then in the event where your
overdue amount is then referred to a collection agency and/or law firm you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.


If an event is cancelled or postponed due to any Pandemic or Government Instruction, Wedding & Event Expo will credit the cost paid for the stall in total, to be used towards exhibitor site fees at any Weddings and Event Expo event within the next 24 months.
Wedding & Event Expo will not charge any admin fees for credits and transferring of site fees in case only of Pandemic.

Exhibitors leaving excess rubbish at the venue will be invoiced for its removal. The rubbish removal fee is $200 per cubic metre or part thereof.
Food stalls must meet Health Department Regulations. exhibitors must hold food handling permits and must adhere to all hygiene regulations.
Exhibitors must take due care to prevent injury and property damage. Care must be taken to minimise the risk of damage to the venue during bump-in and bump-out – Any damage must be paid for by the exhibitor..
Damages must be paid for by the person responsible.
All stalls shall be displayed in a professional manner.
Set up and dismantling of stalls shall adhere to times outlined by the venue and should be done with due consideration and care.
Exhibitors or exhibitor representatives must man stalls at all times.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure that all goods sold comply with the relevant Australian Standard. The organisers take no responsibility for faulty and/or damaged goods and will contact you for resolution of complaints arising from customers. The ACCC sets guidelines about selling goods and services. These guidelines can be found on the ACCC website or by calling them on 1300 302 502.
Any spills need to be reported to a Wedding & Event Expo staff member immediately and due care taken.
Any stall holder who is disrespectful to our staff will be asked to leave by security and will not be invited back to future events.
Any damage to surfaces (grass/ground) from use of vehicle, cooking, liquids etc. must be repaired at the expense of the Stall Holder.
If a Stall Holder wishes to sell products labeled as Organic, they must provide documentation from an accredited certification authority for each product and label accordingly. If this certification documentation is not available for the manager’s inspection, that product will not be allowed to be sold as Organic.
You must not (unless otherwise authorised):
i. Solicit unauthorised products or business
ii. Attempt to sell any product or service unless otherwise authorised by Wedding & Event Expo
iii. Attempt to sell counterfeit goods, illegal, prohibited or unauthorised goods, including goods bearing trademarks which the exhibitor does not have licence to sell;
iv.Bring illicit substances or hazardous chemicals into the venue including alcohol for the purpose of consumption, tobacco or tobacco related products for sale or otherwise;
Exhibitors Indemnity
The exhibitor releases and indemnifies Wedding & Event Expo against any claim arising from any;
a) Loss, damage, death or injury to any property or person in or about the venue caused or contributed to by the exhibitor or any use of occupation of the Stall by the exhibitor;
b) Neglect or default or the exhibitor; or
c) any combination of those things.
Where the exhibitor applies to Wedding & Event Expo to use or sell electrical equipment during venue operations, the exhibitor must have all electrical items tested and tagged by an authorised certified electrical contractor.
Wedding & Event Expo is not responsible for any transaction between the exhibitor and the Customer. Any complaints need to be addressed by the exhibitor.
Force Majeure Event: obligations suspended for force majeure.
All business names and services promoted under 1 stand must be disclosed to ensure that they are not in conflict with other exhibitors.
All stands must be set up by 9.45am on the day of the event. Any Exhibitor who arrives after this will not be permitted bring up equipment or interfere with current exhibitors.
No refunds will be offered. This is to ensure that the Exhibition is set up on time.
Stands must not be dismantled before the conclusion of the exhibition which is at 4pm.
Failure to adhere to this will result in your company/organisation being excluded from future exhibitions and or refunds will be provided.
Exhibitor Name Badges must be worn and clearly visible at all times.
All Vehicles must be in position on the day of the expo by 8:30am or as otherwise directed.
Any arrivals after this time will be excluded from the exhibition and all payments forfeited.
Fashion Parade participants are to ensure delivery of all garments as instructed and will need to include the supply of their own clothing racks. Only nominated personnel are allowed
backstage at all times. No children or other staff members or exhibitors are permitted.
All vehicles on display within the exhibition must remain on site for the full duration as specified by the organiser (or by prior agreement). The exhibitor has agreed to maintain material within the allocated stand area in accordance with safety regulations.
The Exhibitor is responsible to ensure all power boards, power cords, power extension cords, power extension boards have been tested and tagged by a qualified electrician.
The Show Bag Promotion fee is non-refundable. If the clients venueing material is not received by the required due date then the client will not receive compensation or a refund for their booking. In individual circumstances the booking may be transferred to another event if approved by Wedding Expos Australia.
The organisers reserve the right in unforeseen circumstances to re-allocate the space or the location of an exhibitor’s stand and the exhibitor can take no objection or make any claims for compensation or damages in relation to any allocation of the size or the space re-allocated by the organisers. The exhibitor shall not assign or subject any part of the stand space without the consent of the organisers.
Exhibitors should be aware that an assertive and aggressive marketing campaign will be implemented for each expo to ensure the events success.
Subsequently no responsibility will be accepted by Wedding & Event Expos for the lack of attendance or loss of profit to any Exhibitor.

BUMP IN & BUMP OUT Rules & Regulations

ALL exhibitors and team members must wear their safety vests during bump in and bump
out times.
NO children 15 years of age and under are permitted into the expo during bump in and bump
out times.
Anyone wearing inappropriate footwear WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INTO THE EVENT Area during bump in times.
Appropriate footwear during bump in and bump out times includes flats, runners and all closed toe and heel shoes.

Parking is only available at the Exhibitor Parking for the unloading of display items. Once unloaded please park your vehicles in the allocated car park. Trailers and
trucks may have to arrange to have special arrangements made by Venue Managers. Please advise the organiser if this affects you.